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Discover the tale behind the Mad Hatter as we take you through his turbulent story; a sad, crippled young man named Franklin Magellan, aka Mad Hatter, and how he finds his to way Wonderland.


While in Wonderland, Franklin becomes enamored with his new life void of pain and sadness but descends deeply into madness when he is accidentally sent back to his bleak life in London.  Franklin does whatever it takes to return to Wonderland... 

... even if it means leaving everyone behind.

Victor Valdez is a co-composer and lyricist in this fantastic new musical. Originated in the West End in July of 2019, the musical was performed in a symphonic sold-out concert at Place des Arts, in Montreal, QC, in April of 2023. The first produced run of the show has been scheduled for May of 2024, at the Herberger Theater, in Phoenix, AZ.

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Performed by Victor Valdez & Vincent Connor
Accompanied by the Longueil Symphony Orquestra

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